PaintPad Space Fun Colouring for Toddlers and Babies
PaintPad Space Fun Colouring for Toddlers and Babies

For your tablet

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Travel through the solar system and explore the unseen realms of Space. As well as having an amazing time exploring planets and other space objects, you can have fun painting and colouring them!


Effortlessly swipe through the vibrant solar system. Simply select the object or planet you wish to draw, and choose a colour to paint in.

A Comet, a Space Shuttle, The Earth - it's your time to decide how the planets and objects should look! Get creative with a full pallet of paint colours, while our special guide helps you to stay within the lines.

Colouring in these spectacular Space objects has never been easier!

Once you have finished your colouring, watch your design zoom off into the solar system and learn how to spell and say the name with our interactive guide and voiceover.


Paintpad Space encourages creativity as children are introduced to a selection of space-themed objects and planets to paint and colour. Our gentle guide helps children to stay within the lines, helping to improve their fine motor skills, while they have fun colouring. After the drawing is complete, they can watch it zoom off in an animation and a clear voiceover spells out the object's name in phonics, for them to learn. The app will then store your child’s beautiful creations for you to view, share or go back to at a later date.

As well as improving artistic abilities, Paintpad will help build your child’s vocabulary and allow them to explore an exciting new environment!


  • Creativity
  • Drawing skills
  • Painting skills
  • Lining Proficiency
  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Vocabulary Acquisition

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