Number Workbook Learn to write numbers from 0 - 20 for Toddlers and children
Number Workbook Learn to write numbers from 0 - 20 for Toddlers and children

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How it works

Children set out on their quest to the castle, choosing which type or Knight they want to be and if they're left or right handed before they go.

Starting at zero, they'll need to complete the number exercises and games to win armour and other objects which will help them along the way.

Within each number exercise, an interactive tracing guide provides a dotted guide, teaching the child how to create the shape of the number with their finger. Once they have practised with the guide, a clear audio instruction asks them to try writing the number without it. This helps them to develop the confidence they need to form numbers, on their own, step-by-step.

When a number is completed, the child will receive a special star and positive encouragement, to let them know they've done a great job. The exercises can be repeated as many times as the child likes so that they are able to write and recognise numbers in no time!

After each few numbers, children will have a fun game to play which will help reinforce how to write the number without the guide and how it fits into a sequence. The games that they will play include 'count the number', 'Write the missing number' and 'write the number'.

They will also win a new part of their Knight's outfit, after each stage, which helps encourage them to finish all of the exercises, to reach the castle.


  • Easy to use number guide
  • Repeated patterns for easy recognition
  • Clear audio instructions to improve word pronunciation
  • Positive encouragement and rewards
  • Fun and interactive
  • Suitable for boys and girls
  • First five numbers free (single upgrade for the full set)
  • Tested by parents, educators and children
  • No need for Internet connection