Dive & Play Fish School Adventure
Dive & Play Fish School Adventure

For your tablet

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Explore the ocean and get to know many new animals!

The sea has always fascinated humankind. It offers so many unknown living creatures who can’t wait to be discovered. Let your child immerse themselves into the underwater world and experience fun learning adventures!


You are a fearless diver, who dares to explore the depths of the ocean. On your journey you meet all kinds of marvelous sea dwellers. Your task is to find and get to know them all!

Touch an animal and piece together the jigsaw puzzles, join the dots and colour the creatures. A friendly voice will tell you the name of your new friend as soon as you complete a task. Learn the names of more than 35 animals in a fun and entertaining way!

Clownfish, Anglerfish, Seahorses, Sawfish, Octopus, Whales and many more are swimming around in the ocean. Can you find all of them?


This learning app is designed to invite playful discovery, including hand illustrated animals and a unique parallax style that is sure to captivate your child. As you scroll through the scenes the layers move to give a sense of perspective that makes for a truly immersive experience.


  • Speech and language skills
  • Image recognition
  • Logical thinking
  • Problem solving skills
  • Fine motor skills