New! Number Workbook: Learn To Write Numbers For Children

by Beth Gladstone

What is “Number Workbook” and who is it for?

Number Workbook is an educational iPad app for toddlers and children which teaches them how to write numbers from 0 to 20. An interactive guide, teaches children how to trace the shape of each number before encouraging them to try writing it on their own. This repetition teaches children the skills they need to write numbers independently.

This is a screenshot of our Number Workbook handwriting app

What is it all about?

Become a Knight on an exciting journey to the castle. Along the way, you'll need to complete Number exercises and games to win your Knight's armour and to reach the castle.

Interactive letter tracing guide

The simple interactive guide will help you to learn how to trace the number. Don't worry if you make a mistake - there's plenty of chances to practise! Once you have finished tracing the dots it's time to try writing the number on your own.

Positive encouragement while children write the number on their own

When the child has completed each number exercise, they will receive positive encouragement before moving onto the next number. Once they have completed a few exercises, they'll play three fun games such as 'Fill in the missing number', which will help them to practise what they've learnt.

Number games to help children practise what they've learnt

How can my child benefit from “Number Workbook”?

Number Workbook is a great way for children to learn and recognise numbers from 0 to 20 and has many features to help your child's learning including:

  • Repeated patterns for easy recognition
  • Easy to use interactive guide
  • Audio instructions and sound effects
  • Positive reinforcement
  • Fun and interactive
  • No need for internet connection - play Number Workbook anywhere!

Where can I get it and how much does it cost?

A lite version of Number Workbook is free to download from the Apple App Store. This contains four free numbers (0-3) as well as a set of games. A single upgrade of $1.99 then unlocks the rest of the numbers and games up to 20.

Why should my child play with Kizzu Apps?

We know that if you're going to give your child an app to play with, you have to trust it. Our apps are designed to give children the confidence to have fun as they explore and develop new skills. Our primary aim is to produce apps that educate and delight children around the world in a safe and encouraging environment.

Info: All games produced by Kizzu have parental control buttons.

We designed this app with the help of our own children who gave us essential (and sometimes really critical!) feedback. They love the final app and we hope your children will too :)

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