App Toolkit for Primary Teachers

by Seth Armstrong-Twigg

Following on from our post last week on Foster's guide to the iPad in Primary Education, we also wanted to share with you some of the top apps that he recommends for use in the classroom. The use of the iPad in learning environments is becoming increasingly popular and with such a wide variety of apps to choose from, it can be difficult to sort the good from the bad. Below you can find our top 9 selections from the huge list that Foster provides. We hope you find them as useful as we did!

Comic Strips

Kids love to read comic books and creating comic strips can be a great class activity. Strip Designer (£1.99) lets students create personalised comic strips using photos taken on the iPad, which can be shared with their friends.


Screencasting records what you do on the iPad’s screen, as well as recording audio from the microphone. This can create opportunities for class annotation, pupil collaboration and increased student autonomy. Explain Everything (£1.99) is a good example of a screencasting app with annotation, animation and narration capabilities.

eBook Creation

With more people turning to handheld devices for reading material, the ability to create an eBook is a great skill for children to learn. Book Creator (£2.99) is the best place to start. It has a very simple interface and many creative possibilities.

Make a Movie

As well as taking pictures, kids love recording videos on the iPad, and there are many apps that can aid the budding filmmaker. iMovie (£2.99) is a great way to combine photos and videos created on the iPad by pupils. Effects and sound can be added too.


Programming skills are highly sought after in this day and age. BeeBot (Free) allows younger children to engage with programming skills before moving on to more complicated apps.


Blogging software provides the backbone for many sites across the web and writing a blog is a brilliant creative outlet for children. J2E (Free) is a child friendly online publishing tool. It is currently subscription only (around £200), and is essentially a wordpress based service which can be moderated.


Recording a podcast is another positive creative outlet for children. There are many services available for the iPad and AudioBoo (Free) is a simple podcasting app which can be easily used by children.


With numerous iPads deployed across a classroom, it's important to bring them all together on certain activities. iBrainstorm (Free) allows students to send post-it notes to the teacher so class ideas can be represented on the whiteboard.

Pupil Response

Teachers can use the iPad to create class quizzes with the student using the device to provide each answer. Quizzam (£0.69) allows teachers to set the answers and the pupils buzz in. The teacher can then see who was the quickest in terms of response time.

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