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Living and Learning with Mobile Devices

Google launches a curated portal for apps for children, Apple integrates a kids category into it’s App Store - obviously mobile learning is a hot topic, at least in the tech industry. Advocates have great expectations and are confident mobile learning will transform education, resulting in highly motivated students. What parents think of the value of portable devices for educational (and not so educational) purposes is a more down-to-earth and less homogenous story.

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Parents’ Guide in Choosing the Right Digital Content for Kids

Parents are starting to embrace technology to facilitate their children’s learning. It is a fairly common sight nowadays for toddlers and young children fiddling with iPads and other tablet devices. And with a surge of apps targeted towards this market, parents need to be wary of what their kids are being exposed to every time they use mobile devices.

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Great news: Apple’s App Store gets a Kids category

Yesterday Apple announced new products and software at it’s annual WWDC conference in San Francisco. For parents and us developers of apps for children the biggest update was the introduction of a Kids category in the App Store as part of the iOS 7 update. And that’s truly great news for all of us!