Living and Learning with Mobile Devices

Google launches a curated portal for apps for children, Apple integrates a kids category into its App Store - obviously mobile learning is a hot topic, at least in the tech industry. Advocates have great expectations and are confident mobile learning will transform education, resulting in highly motivated students. What parents think of the value of portable devices for educational (and not so educational) purposes is a more down-to-earth and less homogenous story.

Grunwald Associates in collaboration with the Learning First alliance and AT&T conducted a study and created a highly interesting infographic that gives us a realistic picture of what parents really think about the impact of mobile devices during early childhood and K-12 learning. They found out that parents have primarily two concerns:

62% are afraid mobile devices can distract their children from learning


81% of parents worry about the security/theft of devices taken to school

On the other hand, parents see the advantage of mobile learning and want their children to benefit from new technologies.

71% of parents think that mobile devices open up new learning opportunities to children that they didn’t have before


52% are of the opinion that schools should make more use of mobile devices in education.

Another interesting fact is that parents do see the positive values of apps, especially parents of preschool children who are very enthusiastic about the learning opportunities mobile apps provide.

Speaking of positive attitudes towards mobile learning, parents of students who are required to use a mobile device at school are more convinced of the educational potential than parents of children who are not allowed to use devices in the classroom.

What’s your opinion on this matter? What are your experiences with mobile learning?

Mobile Learning by Grunwald & Learning First

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