Introducing Our New App 'Dive & Play'

Our iPad app “Dive & Play” is a learning game for preschool children between the ages of 3 and 6. It is designed to invite playful discovery, including hand illustrated fish and a unique parallax style that is sure to captivate your child. On it’s journey of discovery, the game offers children many unknown living creatures and immerses them in an underwater world so they can experience fun learning adventures!

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Solution to Kizzu Sound Problem on iPad/iPhone

Lately we’ve noticed that more and more kizzu users are experiencing sound issues on their iPhones and iPads. These issues can appear due to several reasons. Either, the system sound engine of the device crashed, sound settings are misaligned or you are using iOS 6.0 which has an audio system bug. To overcome this sound problem, we propose the following steps...

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5 Things Great Apps for Children Need to Provide

Designing great apps for children is a challenging thing to do. Not only do you have to take a lot of effort on researching children's needs, but it also requires a strong app concept that ensures an educational and fun experience. However, it can be done. Generally, apps for children must be aesthetically pleasing and extraordinarily engaging to be successful. But, that’s not enough. In order for children to actually enjoy interacting with an app, it needs to offer children-friendly navigation and must be easy to use.

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Living and Learning with Mobile Devices

Google launches a curated portal for apps for children, Apple integrates a kids category into it’s App Store - obviously mobile learning is a hot topic, at least in the tech industry. Advocates have great expectations and are confident mobile learning will transform education, resulting in highly motivated students. What parents think of the value of portable devices for educational (and not so educational) purposes is a more down-to-earth and less homogenous story.

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Parents’ Guide in Choosing the Right Digital Content for Kids

Parents are starting to embrace technology to facilitate their children’s learning. It is a fairly common sight nowadays for toddlers and young children fiddling with iPads and other tablet devices. And with a surge of apps targeted towards this market, parents need to be wary of what their kids are being exposed to every time they use mobile devices.

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Great news: Apple’s App Store gets a Kids category

Yesterday Apple announced new products and software at it’s annual WWDC conference in San Francisco. For parents and us developers of apps for children the biggest update was the introduction of a Kids category in the App Store as part of the iOS 7 update. And that’s truly great news for all of us!


Interview with the Kizzu Apps Developer Team

Lately we’ve been receiving a lot of emails and Facebook messages from parents giving us feedback and asking us questions about Kizzu. We love hearing what you guys think about our apps and appreciate you sharing your opinions. As we’ve had a few questions about the development process of our apps we thought we’d share our side of the Kizzu story with you and interviewed Luke, our lead app developer. Here are Luke’s thoughts on developing apps for children.

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Connected Children - How Children Use Mobile Devices and Apps to Learn and Have Fun

During our constant research for our learning apps for children we very often come across stunning statistics about how kids use mobile devices. The facts and numbers fascinate us and we love sharing them with you (if you follow our blog and facebook page, you might have noticed that :)). This time, we decided to do this in a more fun way and created our first infographic.

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10 Things You Should Know About Young Children, Apps and iPad [Study]

We know our children love tablets and apps. We watch them interact with iPads, learn and enjoy themselves. That makes us happy. Still we are concerned about how these new technologies influence our children and their development. The Michael Cohen Group (MCG) conducted a research project and found that tablet pcs and apps support young children’s learning. They help them develop skills they need in school and in “real life”. Here are the findings of their study, listed as 10 things you should know about young children, apps and the iPad.

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5 Tips for Saving iPad Battery

Although the iPad’s battery life is quite reasonable, for those of us who share a tablet with our children it is still very easy for it to run low. We love giving our kids the opportunity to play learning games and watch movies on our iPad. However, at the end of the day it would be nice to read an ebook without being interrupted by the unnerving low battery notification. Fortunately there are some tips and tricks how you can save and maximize the battery life of your iPad. And it’s really easy.

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Introducing our new app Letter Workbook

Learning the alphabet is a milestone in a child’s life. It is the first step into the world of reading and writing. Certainly the process of learning ABC has changed quite a bit over the past years and is very different from how we were taught. Today we have a greater variety of tools to teach our children how to read and write. A few months back we at Kizzu thought we’d start developing an app that introduces children to the alphabet and helps them write their first letters. And today we are excited to present you Kizzu Letter Workbook!

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