We love to help children learn

We're a small company with a big dream: to help children around the world learn in a fun and rewarding way. We've started this by creating some simple apps that combine language, problem-solving and tactile interactivity. Anyone who has seen a child pick up a mobile phone or tablet will know how quickly they grasp the technology and how much fun they can have with the right content.
The Kizzu Team

Meet the development team (and chief testers!) behind our mobile applications.

We also wanted to create a brand that parents could trust. Our apps are of a consistently high quality, that always average 4 or 5 star ratings. We give parents the option of turning off any prompts to upgrade so their youngsters aren't distracted by commercial messages. And, we are constantly striving to improve and iterate our products so that they always remain great quality.

We've got lots more ideas, so please stay in touch if you want to find out about new launches in the future.